“Crying Classroom”
26.04.2024, Reykjavík, Iceland
Workshop (hybrid) @ The Iceland University of the Arts

Moderators: Rand Ibrahim, Nadja Kracunovic
Collaborator: Laura Wiemers

Lecture hall of the Iceland Academy of the Arts (Reykjavík)
Lernraum Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (Germany)

In a world where emotional responses are often privatized and suppressed, the Crying Classroom seeks different approaches to explore the emotional needs and cognitive processes of individuals and groups. As part of our ongoing mission to challenge conventional academic structures and adopt critical dialogue, we exchanged with the students of the Iceland University of the Arts through an online workshop.

We investigate the connection between collective capacity and social responsibility focusing on understanding the complex nature of emotional responses that arise in challenging conditions, how they affect us, and our reaction to them. The workshop introduces several techniques and methods of communication and research, inviting all participants to reflect and engage in our process of recognition and positioning.