Interactive piece
Isidora Markovic


In a movement improvisation session aimed at exploring compassion, Isidora utilised the Crying Classroom as a platform to invite guests to share personal stories that burden them. The “class” served as an opportunity to delve into the intersections of these experiences and explore supportive methods.

The participants used these shared stories as a foundation for composing and exploring movement, to embody and empathise with the pains of others.

The resulting performance highlights the interconnectedness of human experiences, fusing shared narratives and fostering compassionate dialogue through movement.

Isiora Markovic is a freelance performance artist, teacher and choreographer from Serbia. She studied dance in Munich and Belgrade and performed with various state theatres in Germany over the last ten years. Her practice now centres around topics of care, body and memory. She is a founding member of move2reach, a non profit organisation that offers dance classes and workshops to communities in risk.

Watch the video HERE.