Workshop at 28.06.2023
by Laura Leal

“There was a time when I felt flooded by sadness. I’d stay in bed, a sense of emptiness pervading me. I lay there, still, my breath barely registering. Dancing had always been a joyful activity for me, but I never imagined it could be a lifeline during moments when my mind felt defeated. To move forward, I took it one step at a time: first my head, then my shoulder, followed by my arm, and finally, one leg after the other. I had to stand up. And, when I least expected it, I began to move. My body, at its own gentle pace, breathed life back into me.”

“Crying in Motion” is a workshop and a movement laboratory – a path to embrace the emotions that sometimes limit our mobility. Can we embody these emotions? Can we channel them into graceful motions, preventing them from lingering in the occasional stillness that envelops us?

Laura Leal is a bilingual Plastic and Visual artist, MFA in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (2023), BA in Plastic Arts, Instituto Departamental de Bellas ArtesCali, Colombia (2019). Over five years of experience in creation (painting, installation, and video), artistic curation, and work with independent galleries.

Watch the video HERE.