Nadja Kracunovic

Co-founder of Crying Classroom

Nadja Kracunovic (b.1996) is a Serbian-born artist based in Germany.

Her interdisciplinary art practice intersects performance, visual arts, and theater, focusing on the personal experience of survival. Born to a single mother in the land of the father, she investigates how gender, sexuality, citizenship status, dis/ability, family relations, and social norms are embedded in the cultural realities of a woman. Revivifying stages in public spaces, Nadja either brings female characters to life or invites real protagonists into her narratives and performative investigations. Her operations employ voice, documentation, humor, and poetry drawing the materials from her diaries, folk tales, family history, and intimate encounters.

As a professional crier and advocate for self-governing communities, Nadja co-founded the Crying Classroom project and initiated the experimental radio station Future Nostalgia FM (2021–∞).

More about Nadja’s work: