Concert / Performance
Nicklas Koppe & Nađa Kračunović & Ensemble:
Julia Villarroel, Tara Sarter, Gervasio Tarragona Valli, Daniel Moreno, Felix Gerbig, Felix Neumann


“Don’t worry, it’s out of control” is an interdisciplinary large Ensemble, counting eight people, which intertwines music, visual and performative arts. The concert was realized as an imaginary dream that takes place in the year 2100, illustrating current climatic, ecological, and social scenarios. Strongly influenced by contemporary Jazz, symphonic harmony and non-western rhythms combined with spoken word, views and feelings towards the future become preserved in an artistic time capsule.

The project is founded and led musically and conceptually by Nicklas Koppe, with text and performance by Nadja Kracunovic.

Casts of the Ensemble:
Nicklas Koppe: concept, composition
Nadja Kracunovic: text, performance
Julia Villarroel: guitare
Tara Sarter: saxophon
Gervasio Tarragona Valli: clarinet
Daniel Moreno: trombon
Felix Gerbig: base
Felix Neumann: drums

Nicklas Koppe is an artist based in Weimar working with diverse media. His previous physics and his current music studies lead to his interest in environmental and scientific topics. Musically and visually he is active in the network of musicians in Germany.

Watch the Video HERE.