Camilo Londoño Hernández

Designer of The Crying Handbook

Camilo Londoño Hernández (b. 1991) is a Colombian cuir (queer) writer, visual artist, and independent curator based in Germany.

Playing with words and images, he expands the borders of literature to open the cracks among affections, sexuality, pleasures, and power. His work portrays personal stories —himself and others— seeking fractures inside hegemonic discourses. Living with HIV has shifted his art practice to reflect on the tensions of body, language, and space. Through reproduction and rearrangement methodologies, he creates textual and viral strategies such as artbooks, performative readings, films, short stories, visual essays, and poems.

With his expanded literature, he examines viruses as metaphors, cities as organisms, streets as stories, poetics of daily life, and the motions of intimacy and grief. Within the Crying Classroom, he has the pleasure to co-designing the layout of The Crying Handbook with his connational friend Gabriela Parra.