Rand Ibrahim

Co-founder of Crying Classroom

Rand Ibrahim (born 1993) is a multimedia artist currently based in Weimar, Germany. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Damascus University in 2015 and is presently pursuing her studies in the master program Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar since 2021.

Her artistic practices encompass performance, site-specific installations, sculpture, video, expressionist figurative and abstract painting and book art. Rand uses diverse media and formats to tackle issues pertaining to oppression, political awareness, and social and environmental justice. Through her works, she navigates the realm of storytelling, employing symbolic notions to convey narratives that revolve around collective and individual memory, intertwining facts and imagination.

Rand is a co-founder of the Crying Classroom and her interest in the topic relates to understanding how crying can be an artistic and human strategy to act, criticize and demonstrate human comprehension and awareness.