October and November 2023, Weimar, Germany
Location: Der Laden Weimar, Germany
Supported by Kreativfonds and the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The CRYING CLASSROOM WEIMAR took place at Der Laden art space as a dynamic two-month program curated by the Crying Classroom team during October and November 2023. Throughout nine weekly events consisting of twelve sessions, art practitioners and researchers from different disciplines and artistic backgrounds moderated collective performances, readings, exercises, workshops, and discussions.

The interdisciplinary and participatory program aimed at exploring and investigating crying, as a discipline, practice, metaphor, tool, or medium in artistic research. At the same time, was set based on dismantling the assumed hierarchy in the classroom and the academy, allowing a space for all participants to share their knowledge and experiences and contribute to innovative artistic strategies while fostering a sense of solidarity and trust.

Crying Classroom Sessions

29.11.2023: Isidora Markovic
fluid weight
Movement, Improvisation

29.11.2023: Maria Anna Obermeier
Tattoos on Roses

26.–29.11.2023: Jovan Turčinović
out of it
Spacial Installation

24.11.2023: Film screening in collaboration with Bauhaus Module (Un)scripted Political Landscape offered by Nawar Alhusari 
Waltz With Bashir by Ari Folman

22.11.2023: Zeren Oruc
Nettles in my Hair

19.11.2023: Reviving Culture Through Cinema (Film Screening)
The Time That Remains by Elia Suleiman

15.11.2023: Jennifer Yue Yuen Yu
Is it normal to cry while writing?
Workshop: Caligraphy of Tears

15.11.2023: Jonah Martensen
write down/speak up
Public & Collective Reading Session

12.11.2023: Jasmina Al-Qasi
Compot with tears
An Eating and Writing Exercise

01.11.2023: Pati Sayuri
Performance, Discussion, Collaborative Sculpture

23.10.2023: Katherin Gutierrez
Politics of sublime
Performance Lecture & Video and Sound

16.10.2023: Feydrea Vialista
I went under the blanket to hear stories
Participatory performance with blankets

09.10.2023: Nicklas Koppe und Nađa Kračunović
Do not worry, it’s out of control
Concert and Performance

07.10.2023: Negar Kablou
Weaving as Mourning
Video and Sound installation

07.10.2023: Anahita Farshchi und Babak Sepanta
Cry to Heal
Guided Meditation, Collective Painting Session

28.06.2023: Laura Leal
Crying in Motion